Air Travel Tips To Stay Healthy

Simple ways to avoid getting sick when you fly.
If the mere thought of the confined cabin, stale recycled air and zero leg room makes you feel queasy even before you fly, don't fret. These in-flight health tips will keep you happy and healthy!

Wash your hands

It can get germy on the plane because people are eating, coughing and touching things within an enclosed space. Fortunately, the recycled cabin air isn't as dirty as you might think, thanks to air filters that help reduce the number of microscopic bacteria and viruses. You can further outsmart germs by washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently, especially after handling the in-flight entertainment control, before eating and when using the restroom.

Sleep better

Ample sleep is your second line of defense against germs. Not having enough rest can cause a drop in immune function and make you more vulnerable to catching a bug. Don't stay up late packing the night before your flight. If you are flying long-haul, consider bringing a neck pillow, eye mask and earplugs to help you sleep better.

Stay hydrated

The airplane environment is notoriously dry and humidity levels can plummet below ten percent. The dehydrating effects of in-flight air can lead to headaches, stomach problems and fatigue, so it's important to keep your body hydrated. Sip water regularly throughout the flight, and cut back on alcohol and caffeine which can dry you out.

Move more

Maintain good blood circulation by getting out of your seat and walking around whenever possible. You'll head off muscle stiffness and help prevent potentially serious conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT). When you get up, do these stretches: Raise and lower your heels, then your toes, then grab each foot behind your butt, bending your knee to stretch your thigh.

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