Vacation Chic: Packing Smart for Your Holiday

Look effortlessly chic (not sloppy) on your getaway.
You don't need to stuff half your wardrobe into your travel bags to look ever-so-gorgeous on the go. Stylists say that with a streamlined strategy and clever choices, vacation chic is achieveable with minimal luggage. With these easy-to-pack tips, you too can look fashionably stylish while on a holiday:

What to pack

Comfort is key, so pack the right fabrics: Stretchy, lightweight materials such as cotton knits, nylons, spandex and lycra are perfect and require no ironing.

Up your style quotient with tops prettified with trendy details and prints instead of plain basics. Bring a mix of tops -- such as tank tops, blouses and cardigans rather than all tanks and tees -- for various occasions and layering versatility. Layer one tank over another to get casual but not boring; cardigan over tank offers a more dressed-up style.

Jackets, tank dresses, shirt dresses and tunics dress up your outfit and pull the look together, so bring at least one along for those nights out at posh restaurants.

If you're travelling to a cold climate, bring thermal long johns, a heavy coat that will protect you from the temperature and layer up with a sweater underneath.

Casual bermuda shorts might be very comfy but they can look too sloppy for certain occasions, so do take dressier pants and skirts with you too. Even if you're not planning to roll around on the sandy beach, avoid packing light-colored bottoms, especially white ones. Jeans and darker bottoms are the safest bet because they're dirt-resistant.

Also, stay away from filmsy skirts and linen trousers that crease easily; instead go for tougher fabrics like denim, corduroy jeans and chinos.

Savvy fashionistas know this secret to looking all-time stylish: Great accessories make a difference and take up so little space! Bring along bold and colorful costume jewellery to accent your outfit; leave your expensive jewellery at home instead.

How to Pack

Space-saving tips to pack your gear efficiently and keep your luggage compact.

  1. Stacking. This is the most common way to organize clothing. Clothes are folded and stacked into neat piles. It's especially handy if you know your trip schedule in advance, so you can pile your clothing chronologically -- the first day's clothes on the top of the stack, the second day's below that, and so on -- so there's no messy rummaging.
  2. Rolling. Rolling works best for garments that wrinkle easily. Fold in half then roll, and use them to fill in around the edges of the luggage.
  3. Bagging & additional space savers. Keep the bikinis, lingerie and undies in a cloth bag. Jewellery can be kept from tangling by storing them in individual jewellery pouches or mini zip-lock bags, then stuff the shoes with these items to avoid space wastage. Belts can be extended (instead of rolled) to line the interior of your luggage. Toiletries are best kept together in a waterproof toiletry pouch or plastic.

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